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Szybki i rzetelny import i eksport materiałów i urządzeń

We import:
  • modern machines, industry devices and spare parts for Western manufacturing machines and industry systems
  • various kinds of pumps, compressors aggregates, filters, valves, compensators, electric engines, , servo-operators, filter tapes used in potato works and sewage -treatment plants.
  • A wide range of chemical materials with application in chemical, food, paper and pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing works (potato works) plus others.
  • Electronic measuring installations of gases of Western concerns used in electronic power stations, thermal electric power stations, in water pipe establishments, sewage treatmentplants, sugar factories and chemical plants.
  • Instruments, bits milling cutters, face milling cutters, grinders, drills, abrassive paper, disc- type, grinding wheelsand all sorts of other implements applied in mechanical and building plants.
  • Break discs, brakes, springs used in the railway industry.
  • Metallurgic materials: high quality acid – proof tubes and other applied in power station's and heat and power generating plant's boilers.
  • High grade sheets and plates, sections of high quality, sheets and wares of alluminium, wires and cables as well.
  • Forgings, (hoods and nuts) for generators in power industry.

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